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AIX SysAdmin In The Making

Yes, generally I’m a Unix SysAdmin but I never focus myself to become AIX (or HP-UX / Solaris) SysAdmin. Reason is simple, I’m more a Linux guy. But suddenly I was chosen by the boss to become AIX SME via Master Blue Program; although my boss told me it’s ok if I want to say […]


zLinux: Add & Configure New Disk

Objective: New disks are added to the machine. I need to configure and integrate them into existing LVM partition. OS: RHEL 5.9 Kernel: 2.6.18-274.el5 Related Documentation: The mainframe administrator has assigned me 6 disks and the disk name are ‘205’ – ’20e’. So, I need to find out the associated device name with the […]

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My First Time Story: Playing Around With Oracle Linux

After a hiatus, it seems I’m back to Linux. I was asked by management to attend Oracle Linux System Administration training next month, so I guess I need to be prepared. So, this is it….my first time story of installing and play around with Oracle Linux. In this case, I’m installing Oracle Linux 6.5 on […]

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Pengalaman Membeli Rumah Sub-Sale

Info Rumah Lokasi: Cyberjaya Jenis rumah: Townhouse Harga: Rahsia (kalau nak tau, kena jumpa secara peribadi/in-person) Tuan punya rumah: Takamal Jaya Sdn Bhd, anak syarikat Emkay Sdn Bhd Kronologi 02-Disember-2013: Contact ejen dan minta buat appointment untuk tengok rumah 03-Disember-2013: Berjumpa dengan salesman dan tengok rumah. Borak-borak apa yang patut dan tanya pasal rumah 04-Disember-2013: […]


Stumbled upon a very “syahdu” picture at KLCC LRT station,

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Installing mplayer on RHEL 6

Objective: To install mplayer on RHEL 6 Modus Operand: Install RPM Fusion repo based on info from, < View plain text > code [root@oc0210762185 ~]# yum localinstall –nogpgcheck Loaded plugins: ibm-check-lotus-updates, ibm-repository, refresh-packagekit, security Setting up Local Package Process rpmfusion-free-release-6-1.noarch.rpm                         […]


Officially A Vespa Rider

Yes, finally I owned a Vespa. I choose LX150, a modern Vespa. Givi – Italian accessories for Italian scooter.


Solaris: Configuring Virtual Network with LDOM

Objective To add a virtual network device to guest domain Current network resource, root@maxis70 # ldm list -o network NAME primary MAC 00:21:28:b3:36:a0 VSW NAME MAC NET-DEV ID DEVICE LINKPROP DEFAULT-VLAN-ID PVID VID MTU MODE primary-vsw0 00:14:4f:f9:da:3e igb0 0 switch@0 1 1 1500 primary-vsw1 00:14:4f:fb:6c:90 igb1 1 switch@1 1 1 1500 primary-vsw2 00:14:4f:fb:4f:94 igb2 2 […]

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adidas Vespa PK Lo

Got myself a new trainer, adidas Vespa PK Lo. The 3-stripe comes with red, white & green colour – the colour of Italy flag. The box is simple yet sleek. Stylish cover is provided as well, maybe I can transform it into a poster. As usual, the trainer comes with a nice outsole,

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AFF Suzuki Cup 2012: Malaysia vs Thailand

Are you ready for AFF Suzuki Cup 2012: Malaysia vs Thailand?

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