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My First Time Story: Playing Around With Oracle Linux

After a hiatus, it seems I’m back to Linux. I was asked by management to attend Oracle Linux System Administration training next month, so I guess I need to be prepared. So, this is it….my first time story of installing and play around with Oracle Linux. In this case, I’m installing Oracle Linux 6.5 on […]

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Oracle To Buy Sun?

w00t, what a news! Yes, it looks like Oracle will buy Sun. First, I read from OSNews, then I received confirmation from Sun and Oracle (currently inaccessible) websites. It’s a globalization indeed. [UPDATE 1 – April 21, 2009] Even Utusan Malaysia have a news on this, check this out. Oracle beli Sun Microsystems RM27.4 bilion […]

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“Rating the vendor blogs”; A Benchmark by Network World for Top Vendors’ Blog

Network World have made a benchmark for several vendors’ blog recently. The selected vendors are HP, Intel, Oracle, Sun, Dell, EMC, IBM, Novell, Symantec, CA, Cisco, Nortel, Verisign, Foundry, and Microsoft. Yes, I’m quite dissapointed not to see my favourite vendor on the list. I’m not going to copy and paste the whole article, but […]

Review: Life In The Weekend

Friday Night -Watching Die Hard 4.0 with Fitri at MBO, Galaxy Ampang -Read Oracle Magazine, July/August 2007 edition. The most interesting topic would be the “World Class <IT>” by Alan Joch. This topic is mainly about the Oracle Support for Linux Enterprise with technology, products and Unbreakable Linux. Saturday -Hang out with Piju; going to […]

Unbreakable Linux; Red Hat responds

As expected, Red Hat reacts :D Excerpt from —–8<—– Red Hat responds.The opportunity for Linux just got bigger. Oracle’s support for Linux reaffirms Red Hat’s technical industry leadership and the end of proprietary Unix. It’s no accident that Red Hat was chosen #1 in value two years running. Want to know what else we […]

Unbreakable Linux, By Oracle – Is This The Next Big Thing?

This is Unbreakable Linux: I love the logo, it looks tough but cool ;) it reminds me of Polis Angkasa Gaban :D Announcing Oracle Unbreakable Linux Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program that provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux. Recognizing the demand for true enterprise-quality Linux support and seeing an opportunity to […]