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Skype on Linux x86_64

This is a simple step-by step to install Skype on a Linux x86_64 system. The distro is Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64, running on a HP Compaq 6515b laptop. Download Skype for Ubuntu Linux from Install it with Debian way, root@unforgiven:/tmp# dpkg -i –force-architecture skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb dpkg – warning, overriding problem because –force enabled: package architecture (i386) […]

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Installing Google Earth on Debian GNU/Linux (AMD64 Platform)

This is an update to my post on May 2007 about installing Google Earth on Debian GNU/Linux. At present, it seems that Google Earth on Debian AMD64 is already available. Therefore, we don’t have to force install the 32-bit binary Google Earth on x86_64 platform. Information of my system; OS: Debian Lenny (Debian Testing) Platform: […]


Google Desktop for Linux Released

Apparently Google Desktop for Linux is now available. Excerpt from its blog, For most Linux users, looking for files, documents, or emails usually involves some combination of ‘find’ and ‘locate,’ but sometimes these tools don’t quite do what you’re looking for, like finding that single PDF containing the specific topic you’re looking for. Or you […]

Article: 64-bit Enhancements in Xen 3.1

I just received the latest newsletter from NetworkWorld. I think this article is interesting and helpful for SysAdmins who are working on Virtualization environment, especially on the mix (Linux and Windows) environment. Xen 3.1 brings open source virtualization to 64-bit By Phil Hochmuth A new version of the open source Xen virtualization stack was released […]

Debian Way or The Hard Way: Installing Google Earth

By default, you just need to execute ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin to install Google Earth on your GNU/Linux operating system. Nevertheless; Debian provides googleearth-package, a utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth. To all Debianistas, we are special, aren’t we? So, below are the simple steps based on my experience to get Google Earth in […]


Simple Steps To Get MSIE in Debian AMD64

First of all, I know most of us are already familiar with well-known IEs4Linux. This article is mainly dedicated for those who are using Debian Lenny (Debian Testing) on AMD64 architecture due to probable complexity to get Wine up and running. To get Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), of course I’m using IEs4Linux script :) 0. […]

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Return Of The Debianista

Today, I’m certified myself as a Debian User again (you may call this as so-called recertification). If I really remember, the last time I use Debian was during my preparation for RHCE exam – running RHEL on Debian, using VMware Workstation. After that (damn, about one year), I just do not have enough time and […]