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Enlightenment on RHEL 6

It’s been a while since my last experience with Enlightenment, I don’t even remember when the last time was. So, here I present…Enlightenment on RHEL 6. OS version: RHEL 6.5 Enlightenment version: 0.16.999.050 Machine: Lenovo Thinkpad T420

RHEL 6.3 on Lenovo ThinkPad T420

Indeed, it has been a while since my last time using Linux on my workstation. So, here I present you my latest workstation. I guess it is time to being a g33k again?

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Linux On HP ProLiant: Verifying Hard Disk & Smart Array Problem From OS Level

Prologue My friend who is from other team told me there’s hard disk problem one of my server. Too lazy to go to datacenter, I’m just using HP utility to confirm. Server Info Operating System, -sh-2.05b# cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 2) Hardware, -sh-2.05b# hpasmcli -s “show server” | […]

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Using yum Without DNS

I’ve a RHEL system that can’t use DNS due to undisclosed reason – yes, I’ve to rely on hosts file (/etc/hosts). In this case, I want to perform package install/update via yum which is connecting to RHN. I thought adding up below entries to /etc/hosts would be sufficient (The first 2 lines are compulsory while […]

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Hi RHEL 6!

Yeah, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has been released! I was quite surprised actually, I didn’t expect it. [rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 now available News Flash | Special Edition: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Press Release The rest…. Fuhh, it’s download time!

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Linux on IBM x3650 M2: Online Hardware RAID Re-Configuration Using MegaRAID Storage Manager

Objective To perform online reconfiguration of hardware RAID in Linux system. Prologue I have an IBM x3650 M2 with 6 physical hard disks (slot 0-5, 146GB each) and all of the hard disks have been configured as RAID 1 (slot 0 & 1 as 1 set of RAID, slot 2 & 3 as 1 set […]

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Linux on IBM x3650: Re-scans New LUNs Without Server Reboot

Prologue: My Storage Admin has presented new SAN disks, so I want to rescan the new LUNs without rebooting this IBM server. On HP Proliant, I know I can use hp_rescan utility but I can’t find similar utility provided by IBM. Thanks God I managed to find a nice utility provided by QLogic. Server Model: […]

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RHEL 5.5 Is Released, eh?

Thanks to a comrade in RHEL 5 mailing-list! Yeah, it seems RHEL 5.5 ISO’s are now available at RHN. As of now, there’s no official announcement from Red Hat yet but RHEL 5.5 Release Notes is available at [Update] Press release is now available at [Update 2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 GA […]


RHEL 5.4 Is Released

It seems RHEL 5.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4) is now released. Below screenshot is taken from RHN, As of now (September 2, 2009 11:16PM MYT), there is no announcement from Red Hat yet. We’ll see :) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 GA Announcement Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Release Notes [UPDATE 1: […]

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My First Time Story: Upgrading HP Proliant BL460c Firmware

This is yet another my first time story collection whereby I successfully upgrading HP Proliant BL460c firmware from Linux. There are 3 firmwares to be upgraded; BIOS – System ROM, Lights-Out Management (aka iLO) and Storage Controller. This machine is running RHEL 5.2 and all of the firmwares were upgraded ‘online’ from operating system itself. […]

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