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Nike Malaysia Wristband

Item: Nike Malaysia Wristband Year Released: 2007 Standard retail price: Unknown, I can’t remember. Personal comment: It’s a very rare item of khazanah bolasepak Malaysia, enuff said.

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Nike Malaysia Line Up Jacket

Item: Nike Malaysia Line Up Jacket Year Released: 2007 Standard retail price: Unknown – not publicly sold Personal comment: Seriously, one of the rarest Nike Malaysia jacket from my “khazanah bolasepak Malaysia” collection. This jacket is not sold publicly (at least not from 2007 until now) and I actually do know what what’s the actual […]

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Nike Football Malaysia T-Shirt

Item: Nike Football Malaysia T-Shirt Year Released: Unsure, probably 2007 Standard retail price: Unsure, probably RM69-RM89 Personal comment: A very rare fan shirt of Malaysia national football team by Nike, yet another my “khazanah bolasepak Malaysia” series.

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Nike Malaysia Travel Polo Shirt, 2010 Edition

Item: Nike Malaysia Travel Polo Shirt Year Released: 2010 Standard retail price: RM119 Personal comment: My first disclosure of official Nike Malaysia shirt in conjunction of “khazanah bolasepak Malaysia” series.

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Singapore-vs-Malaysia: I’m Ready, Are You?

Duhh, I want to sleep but definitely I can’t! Too bad I’ve a terrible bad sleeping disorder problem. Tomorrow (technically today) at 7AM, I need to be at Kompleks Sukan Negara for ADAKONEK 3.0 trip which organized by Ultras Malaya (by the way, I’m not an ultras). Indeed, I’ll be going to Stadium Jalan Besar […]

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Football Fan Fashion: Malaysia vs Philippines, 01-June-2012

I’ve decided. This would be my attire tomorrow, Sometimes I think I dress better when I go to stadium than go to work. Yes, I’m so obsess with football fashion right now.

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