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Connecting Linux to Celcom Broadband via W850i Bluetooth Modem

[Prologue] This is note to connect my Linux machine to Celcom Broadband by using my Sony Ericsson W850i via bluetooth connection. Thanks to Yoon Kit’s note as the inspiration. Machine: HP Compaq 6515b Operating System: Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Kernel Version: 2.6.27-11 Modem: Sony Ericsson W850i Bluetooth Modem [Modus Operand] Scanning Bluetooth device and browsing the […]

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Blue Cube USB Modem IS NOT Working On GNU/Linux

So, as promised in the previous post, today I was able to test the Blue Cube USB Modem, thanks to Blue Cube Pavillion KL. As far as I know, this HSDPA-capabled modem is developed by C-Mobile Sdn. Bhd solely for Celcom Broadband. As usual, here is my setting; Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux (Testing aka Lenny) […]

Connecting to Celcom Broadband via Linux & Huawei Modem

Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux (Testing aka Lenny) Kernel Version: 2.6.22-3-amd64 Modem: Huawei E220 Yes, I knew Shakir has blogged on this, but I still want to share my experience. Last week, I’ve got my chance to connect to Celcom Broadband by using Huawei E220 on my Debian laptop. Thanks to Blue Cube staff who gave […]

Connecting to Celcom Broadband via Linux & Sierra Wireless Modem

Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux (Testing aka Lenny) Kernel Version: 2.6.22-3-amd64 Modem: Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U Yes! Finally, it’s proven that Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U, a HSDPA usb-based modem can work on Linux. Credit to skybax who lends me the modem. So, Linux users out there, you can buy the Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U without any […]

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SE W850i: USB Ethernet Emulation

Today, I just knew how to connect the computer to the Internet (via Celcom network) by performing USB Ethernet Emulation on my beloved Sony Ericsson W850i. One of the advantages of using this feature is I don’t have to do the dial-up connection to the Celcom network, it means my phone is no longer acting […]

Connecting Linux to Celcom 3G via Sony Ericsson Phone

First of all, I really impressed with Linux hardware support nowadays. I only need several simple steps to make my Linux machine (running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5) connecting to Celcom 3G by using my Sony Ericsson (SE) W850i. 1. If you’re connecting SE phone to your machine via USB, let your SE phone to […]

Menghitung Hari

Menghitung Hari means Counting The Days in English. Duhhh, it has been a week since my last post. It seems I’m too busy (playing around with W850i?) at present. I’m currently at Kertih, will be staying here until Thursday. W850i & Celcom 3G I’m very happy and proud to be the owner of this phone. […]

New Celcom Broadband Package

I’m very pleased to see new Celcom Broadband package; now Maxis Broadband have a new competitor. Thanks to today’s InTech, Lowyat.Net and for the news. However, I’m very surprised not to see any updates/news in Celcom website. (UPDATE: Information on Celcom Broadband is now available at Celcom’s website) Now, consumers have 2 options; either […]


Celcom 3G Starter Pack

Sejak dari 16/08/2005, benda nie ada dalam handphone aku. Untuk mengoptimasikan ruang, aku terpaksa buang mesej nie. Celcom 3G Starter Pack: Hmm, bilalah nak pakai handphone & servis 3G nie…..