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IBM-GPFS: Adding New Mountpoints On Existing Cluster

Objective To add 1x100GB & 1x200GB mountpoints to existing GPFS cluster. Overview Current mountpoints: [root@kpgmeddev01 ~]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg00-root 3.0G 2.3G 479M 84% / /dev/mapper/vg00-tmp 3.0G 145M 2.7G 6% /tmp /dev/mapper/vg00-var 3.0G 834M 2.0G 30% /var /dev/mapper/vg00-itm 992M 34M 908M 4% /Tivoli/ITM /dev/mapper/vg00-fusion 496M 248M 223M 53% /ibm/fusion […]


RHEL 4: Reducing root’s Logical Volume Size

Problem Statement This server contains 1 hard disk (32.2 GB) with 2 partitions (/dev/sda1 + /dev/sda2), [root@localhost ~]# fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 32.2 GB, 32212254720 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 3916 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sda1 * 1 13 104391 83 […]

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Linux: Change Time Zone From Command Line Interface

I just learned that there are several ways to change time zone setting in Linux from command line interface (I’m using Red hat Enterprise Linux in this case), Using tzselect [root@localhost ~]# tzselect Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly. Please select a continent or ocean. 1) Africa 2) […]

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Linux on HP Proliant: Reset iLO Password From OS

Problem Statement I’ve a Linux system running on HP Proliant and I do not know the username/password configured for the iLO. Of course, the simplest way in mind to reset the password is by rebooting the server to iLO level. Nevertheless, it’s not an option if the server can’t be rebooted (it’s a production server, […]

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Malaysia vs Singapore, What You Should Wear & Bring To Stadium

Fuhhh, the tense of Malaysia vs Singapore match is getting higher and higher. News already spread in Facebook that tickets allocated at stadium for Tuesday have been sold out at 5PM. On the other hand, online tickets have been sold out as well! So, if you haven’t got the ticket, please go to nearest stadium […]

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My First Time Story: Using parted In Linux

It has been a while since my last post of My First Time Story collection ;) This time I want to create a new LVM partition. I’ve been using fdisk since my first day with Linux (and gparted on GUI) but this time I want something that can be done non-interactively via command-line interface. So, […]

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Close-Up: Bayern Munich Home Jersey Season 2010/2011 (Techfit Authentic Limited/Special Edition)

I’m not very good at writing technical details of jersey, so this write-up on Bayern Munich Home Jersey Season 2010/2011 (Techfit Authentic Limited/Special Edition) is going to be short & simple, and thanks to my friend Zaim aka Jang for helping me to ship this boxset jersey to Malaysia. This jersey was bought with discounted […]

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Checking Firmware Version Of Qlogic HBA Card Via scli On Linux

Objective To check firmware version of Qlogic HBA card via scli on Linux system running on IBM xSeries (called System x nowadays) What is scli? SANsurfer CLI – Management tool (command line interface). Step-By-Step Download “SANsurfer CLI for Linux” from Install [root@pungkur ~]# gunzip scli-1.7.3-32t1.i386.rpm.gz [root@pungkur ~]# rpm -ivh scli-1.7.3-32t1.i386.rpm Preparing… ########################################### [100%] 1:scli […]

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Linux on IBM x3650 M2: Online Hardware RAID Re-Configuration Using MegaRAID Storage Manager

Objective To perform online reconfiguration of hardware RAID in Linux system. Prologue I have an IBM x3650 M2 with 6 physical hard disks (slot 0-5, 146GB each) and all of the hard disks have been configured as RAID 1 (slot 0 & 1 as 1 set of RAID, slot 2 & 3 as 1 set […]

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LSI’s MegaCLI & MegaRAID Storage Manager for Linux

This is just a note for my personal reference. 1) MegaCLi for Linux [root@sgbwaprec01 ~]# rpm -qi MegaCli-8.00.23-1 Name : MegaCli Relocations: (not relocatable) Version : 8.00.23 Vendor: LSI Logic Corporation Release : 1 Build Date: Wed 19 May 2010 10:46:16 PM MYT Install Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010 11:27:22 AM MYT Build Host: localhost.localdomain […]

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