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Limitations of DRBD for MySQL: Fact or Myth?

Last week, someone lists me several limitations of DRBD for MySQL. They are,

  • Idle resource – secondary host sits idle, wasted investment
  • Failover is not instant, nor transparent
    -“Cold standby” failover
  • Recovery requires time to start / recover database
  • Recovery process can fail – requires reload
  • Requires database journal capability
    -MySQL MyISAM does not work
  • Operation not continuous: planned downtime required
    -Active-passive does not cover DB maintenance
    -Anything that requires mounted disk
  • Does not address scaling or performance
  • OS Limitations – Some only run on Linux

As a total newbie in this field, I wrote to MySQL mailing-list to get the explanations. Sad to say, no one ever wonder to disprove all the arguments. Even Eric Bergen was willing to share his bad experience with DRBD for MySQL.

Nevertheless, thanks to Florian Haas (reminds me of Florian Maurice), who was concerned and willing to counter all those points in his blog. At least, there are explanations at present :)


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