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Match Ticket Info of Singapore vs Malaysia

Singapore vs Malaysia, 23-July-2011

Singapore vs Malaysia, 23-July-2011

As of today, FAS (Football Association of Singapore) only allocates 500 tickets to Malaysian fan for Singapore vs Malaysia match in 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Second Round on 23-July-2011 at Jalan Besar Stadium. Credit to Wan Fakhrul of Kosmo for this info. And the 500 tickets have been pre-allocated:

  • 250 – Selangor Soccer Fan Club (SSFC)
  • 250 – Kementerian Belia & Sukan (KBS)

I guess this is not a good news to Malaysian as I notice a lot of Malaysian supporters are seriously interested to visit Singapore for this game. Hey, Ultras Malaya comrades are already pissed off. I really hope they can make it, good luck guys! Meanwhile, SSFC will be organizing a trip to Singapore for this game:

Justeru, para peminat Harimau Malaya yang tetap mahu ke Singapura, mereka perlu mengikuti rombongan SSFC yang mengenakan bayaran anggaran sekitar RM80 meliputi tambang bas dan tiket perlawanan.

Presiden SSFC, Nasir Yunus berkata, mereka yang berminat perlulah menghadirkan diri ke pintu masuk utama Stadium Shah Alam pada Ahad ini (10 pagi hingga 12 tengah hari) dengan membawa pasport untuk proses pendaftaran.

“Memandangkan tempat terhad, kami hanya mampu menyediakan enam buah bas. Pendaftaran berdasarkan siapa cepat. Hubungi saya di 012-3209207, Azhari 017-3177505, Shahiran 019-3406841 atau Hairi 012-3687576 untuk pertanyaan,” kata Nasir.

Rombongan SSFC itu akan bertolak dari Stadium Shah Alam pada Jumaat, 22 Julai, pukul 11 malam.

According to Astro Arena, FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) has requested more allocation for Malaysian fans. Kudos for this effort, I hope the request will be successful so that more Malaysian will be able to attend the match.

If you’re Singaporean, you should be lucky. According to FAS website, local citizen can opt for early bird special and pre-match sales as an alternative to match day sales. Since capacity of Jalan Besar Stadium is only about 6000, I guess the tickets will be sold out very fast.


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  1. fanatikHarimauMalaya | July 17, 2011 at 12:24 am | Permalink
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    salam. i’m really interested in buying the ticket for the match at Std Nasional Bukit Jalil. where can I purchase the ticket? I really want to buy early as I do not want to miss the match. I’ve searched around but it seems like nobody is selling the tickets yet. can u please inform me if u get the information regarding the tickets?

    thank u so much. 013.360.48.77

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  2. Irwan | July 17, 2011 at 12:52 am | Permalink
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    Wow, relax. Match ticket of Malaysia vs Singapore at Bukit Jalil has not been released yet and there is no detail (price, where/when to buy, seat allocation etc) either at the moment. I guess FAM will announce the detail next week, or several days before the actual matchday. If I got any info, I’ll write it in my blog.

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