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TM: “Harimau Malaya, You’ll Always Have Our Support”

I was quite surprise to see this full-page advertisement by TM (formerly known as Telekom Malaysia),

TM: "Harimau Malaya, You'll Always Have Our Support"

The Star, 30-Jul-2011, Pg 79

For those can’t see it clearly, the message says “Harimau Malaya, You’ll Always Have Our Support” and the elaboration goes as “Your challenges were tough but you gave it your all. And for that, you have made us proud. We will continue to cheer you on no matter what the outcome is. Because when you have an entire nation behind you every step of the way, we believe we can conquer the highest mountain.” This message is dedicated to Malaysia national football team who lost to Singapore in WC2014 qualifier.

Kudos to TM for this motivational message, our Malaysia national football team will be back!


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