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Solaris: Unlock User

Problem Statement
User is unable to login even though password is confirm 100% correct.

upon checking, ID is locked, this can be verified by checking on /etc/shadow of particular user’s entry.

root@irwan69 # grep jmirwan /etc/shadow

*LK* denotes the ID is locked. From manual page of ‘shadow’

     password        An encrypted password for the user generated
                     by crypt(3C), a lock string to indicate that
                     the login is not accessible, or  no  string,
                     which  shows  that  there is no password for
                     the login.

                     The lock string is defined as  *LK*  in  the
                     first four characters of the password field.

Unlock the ID using following command.

root@irwan69 # passwd -u jmirwan
passwd: password information changed for jmirwan

ID is unlocked now,

root@irwan69 # grep jmirwan /etc/shadow


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