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RHEL 5.2 Has Been Released

Yay, RHEL 5.2 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2) has been released, not so long after the release of Fedora 9. This is a great news for all Linux folks out there especially Red Hat just announced the availability of Para-Virtualized Drivers for Fully-Virtualized Guests in RHEL 5. Well, although my career is more with HP-UX nowadays, I still keep myself up-to-date with the development of RHEL and other Red Hat products due to the fact that my passion is still with Linux.

RHEL 5.2

RHEL 5.2 comes with a lot of improvements in term of sofware support, patches added and more security features. I’m not going to list all of them since you can read the details by yourself,

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 GA Announcement

Announcement: Para-Virtualized Drivers for Fully-Virtualized Guests


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