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Common Desktop Environment aka CDE on Advanced Interactive eXecutive aka AIX,

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AIX SysAdmin In The Making

Yes, generally I’m a Unix SysAdmin but I never focus myself to become AIX (or HP-UX / Solaris) SysAdmin. Reason is simple, I’m more a Linux guy. But suddenly I was chosen by the boss to become AIX SME via Master Blue Program; although my boss told me it’s ok if I want to say […]

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LVM on AIX: Extending a Filesystem

[Prologue] SysAdmin received this email, looks like the request has been escalated to my boss. L1/L2, Could you please assist Matt ASAP! This is pertaining to UNIX acct so we need to iron out. The SC is 14270227. Make this high priority please. Thanks Issue root filesystem (/) is currently 100% full. Quick Response Team […]

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AIX: How To Determine Its Detail Version

w00t, it’s AIX time! In Unix/Linux/BSD, uname is normally the regular command to determine OS version. Nevertheless, I don’t really understand the uname output in AIX. Thank God, there is oslevel command. Now I can determine the detail version of AIX easily. Case 1: # uname -a AIX [undisclosed] 2 4 000465E44C00 # oslevel […]

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