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Downgrading HP Proliant BL460c Firmwares

Now, it’s time to perform downgrading HP Proliant BL460c Firmwares on a Linux machine (of course, it runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux server). Yes, your heard it right – DOWNGRADING not upgrading. By the way, did you still remember my post on upgrading? As in previous post, I’m downgrading same firmwares; BIOS – System ROM, […]

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My First Time Story: Upgrading HP Proliant BL460c Firmware

This is yet another my first time story collection whereby I successfully upgrading HP Proliant BL460c firmware from Linux. There are 3 firmwares to be upgraded; BIOS – System ROM, Lights-Out Management (aka iLO) and Storage Controller. This machine is running RHEL 5.2 and all of the firmwares were upgraded ‘online’ from operating system itself. […]

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Checking Proliant System ROM Version In Linux

dmidecode and hpasmcli can be used to check HP Proliant System ROM (BIOS) version in Linux. In this example, I’m checking System ROM version of HP Proliant BL460c which is running RHEL 5.2, 1) dmidecode, provided by dmidecode package. # dmidecode 2.7 SMBIOS 2.4 present. 72 structures occupying 2245 bytes. Table at 0x000EE000. Handle 0x0000, […]

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Drivers & Utilities for HP ProLiant BL460c Server series

Drivers & Utilities for HP ProLiant BL460c Server series This is note to myself, kind of bookmark. To HP, don’t you think your URL schema is complicated and hard to remember?

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