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Integriti – Bersama Membanteras Rasuah

If UEFA concern about respect, it seems FAM is seriously concern about integrity at the moment, This integriti patch is available with the price of RM10 at Q-Line store, Pertama Complex. Update 1: As part of integrity campaign by FAM to fight corruption in Malaysian football, it seems this patch will be worn at all […]

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Puma Chop Chop Military Cap Black-White-Team

Just got myself a Puma Chop Chop Military Cap Black-White-Team, With a discounted price of RM29, it’s just irresistible. Indeed, I intentionally bought this cap as a companion for my black and white Pahang football team away jerseys, Just perfect, isn’t it? Now I can’t wait for my adidas SL 72.

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SysAdmin’s Football Jersey Collection

SysAdmin is now tired with his IT/computer life! Now, it’s time to share his hobby/passion with his blog readers. The purpose of this entry (SysAdmin’s Football Jersey Collection) is to share his collection (some say shirt, trikot, maglia or whatever) with other football jersey collector. This topic is also created for his friends at My-FJC. […]

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