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IBM-GPFS: Adding New Mountpoints On Existing Cluster

Objective To add 1x100GB & 1x200GB mountpoints to existing GPFS cluster. Overview Current mountpoints: [root@kpgmeddev01 ~]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg00-root 3.0G 2.3G 479M 84% / /dev/mapper/vg00-tmp 3.0G 145M 2.7G 6% /tmp /dev/mapper/vg00-var 3.0G 834M 2.0G 30% /var /dev/mapper/vg00-itm 992M 34M 908M 4% /Tivoli/ITM /dev/mapper/vg00-fusion 496M 248M 223M 53% /ibm/fusion […]

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IBM GPFS: Upgrading Linux Kernel & Applying GPFS Fix Pack

So, what you need to do after upgrading Linux kernel and/or applying GPFS fix pack? Situation 1: Upgrading Linux kernel only Previous Linux kernel: 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 Current Linux kernel: 2.6.18-274.12.1.el5 After rebooted to new kernel, GPFS won’t be able to start due missing of GPFS portability layer [root@kpgmedprod02 ~]# mmstartup Tue Dec 13 15:26:41 MYT 2011: […]

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This is just for my reference. Essential Links FAQ (PDF) Fix Central Wiki Documentation Announce Forum Optional Links Course: GPFS System Administration Course: GPFS Performance Tuning Global Forum″ title=”

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IBM GPFS: Performing File System Consistency Check

Yeah, I’m now dealing with IBM GPFS (General Parallel File System). One of the important skill that I need to acquire is the knowledge to perform filesystem repair by using ‘mmfsck‘ (almost similar with normal Unix’s fsck) utility. Q: What does mmfsck do? A: Checks and repairs a GPFS file system. Here are the steps […]

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IBM General Parallel File System, What the…?

While I was in the meeting this afternoon, there was a question on what file system are my team going to use in the situation that a lot of servers require to access same data simultaneously from a SAN Storage. I immediately thought of Red Hat GFS (Global File System) which is a cluster file […]

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