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Sun MySQL Tour; Where Is Malaysia?

Sun MySQL Tour We have Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand but where is Malaysia? Can someone tell me why Sun Microsystems, Inc. is not organizing Sun MySQL Tour in Malaysia? Yes, I am so disappointed :|

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Limitations of DRBD for MySQL: Fact or Myth?

Last week, someone lists me several limitations of DRBD for MySQL. They are, Idle resource ā€“ secondary host sits idle, wasted investment Failover is not instant, nor transparent -“Cold standby” failover Recovery requires time to start / recover database Recovery process can fail ā€“ requires reload Requires database journal capability -MySQL MyISAM does not work […]

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A Journey On DRBD For MySQL

Alhamdulillah, I’m successfully install and deploy DRBD for MySQL, yet another Linux Cluster. Prologue The objective is to deploy a high-availability MySQL database cluster to use with Desknow. After getting frustrated (I mean really frustrated!) with MySQL Cluster and Continuent uni/cluster solution, I decided to try DRBD for MySQL. Thanks to MySQL Newsletter May 2007, […]

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