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RHCE/RHCT Exam Changes

Hayya, there are changes on RHCE/RHCT Exam. What is changing? Effective May 1, 2009, the RHCE exam will be a single section lasting 3.5 hours. Previously the exam consisted of two sections of 2.5 and 3.0 hours. The RHCT exam becomes a single section lasting 2.0 hours from its previous two section format lasting 1.0 […]

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RHCE Day 2007: To Go Or Not To Go?

RHCE Day Singapore 2007 is just around the corner, yet I still do not make any decision whether to attend or not. It is a 3-hour event, and all RHCE from Malaysia & Singapore are invited to participate. At present, I feel like to give this event a miss, although I really want to go. […]

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Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah – RHCE

Alhamdulillah :) Al-kisah: Suatu ketika dahulu, pada awal bulan Mei 2002 (Hmmm, masa aku Gamma level kat MMU), aku buka 1 topik di ITTutor untuk berbincang pasal RHCE. Hanya selepas 4 tahun nampaknya baru aku berjaya merealisasikan impian tersebut. Fuhh…..Minggu nie aku mengikuti kursus RH300 di Training Choice – 4 hari RHCE Rapid Track […]

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