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Linux on IBM x3650 M2: Online Hardware RAID Re-Configuration Using MegaRAID Storage Manager

Objective To perform online reconfiguration of hardware RAID in Linux system. Prologue I have an IBM x3650 M2 with 6 physical hard disks (slot 0-5, 146GB each) and all of the hard disks have been configured as RAID 1 (slot 0 & 1 as 1 set of RAID, slot 2 & 3 as 1 set […]

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Linux on IBM x3650: Re-scans New LUNs Without Server Reboot

Prologue: My Storage Admin has presented new SAN disks, so I want to rescan the new LUNs without rebooting this IBM server. On HP Proliant, I know I can use hp_rescan utility but I can’t find similar utility provided by IBM. Thanks God I managed to find a nice utility provided by QLogic. Server Model: […]

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